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Weekly Wrap / August 30

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Hi friends,

How did September get here so fast? I love fall but it really did sneak up on me this year!

Highlights of my week so far:

I got back into my bujo. It felt so calming to just sit down and draw for a while on a weeknight! For the theme, I was inspired by my paint box prop.

I wrote a post all about my current favorite organization supplies.

I released lots of new products in my shop, like this Mid-Autumn Festival Bundle that includes vocab cards, a find a star game, and mooncakes rewards.

I taught my first Level 7 classes! Verdict: awesome. They were right up my alley. I really enjoy talking with older kids.


I signed up for the Poem-a-Day newsletter from the Academy of American Poets, and it’s been a really delightful morning read.

I’ve been pinning back-to-school and fall art projects and inspiration like crazy.

I used my tokens to finally snag some new whiteboard markers! Back in June I wrote a big roundup post of all my favorites. I eventually settled on this two-colors-in-one set and this dual tip 12 color set. I also stumbled upon these cuuute red and blue lined whiteboards and these giant magnetic tangrams when I was browsing school supplies!

We have an abundance of late summer farm share tomatoes! I’m currently eyeing this bloody Mary bruschetta and these burrata and tomato zoodles.

I already caved and bought a pumpkin spice latte candle.

I am so excited to see what Noelle Stevenson is working on! Reading Nimona changed my life.

Have you seen Pen15? I absolutely loved it. ❤️ Definitely a where-have-you-been-all-my-life kinda show.

I’ve been really into the Call Your Girlfriend podcast lately.

How adorable is this play toaster set with honey and butter?!

Happy long weekend!

Em 💕

Weekly Wrap / July 19

English Teacher Em

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Hi from my mom’s house! I’ve been visiting family for the past week, doing very little Internet-ing and lots of reading, drawing, cooking, and being together. 💕

My shop is still in vacation mode while I’m away, but it will be open again on July 25 with new good stuff for you, like fruit vocabulary cards! My free mini deck of would you rather questions is always available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

on teaching

I had mostly regular students this week, and I set up a teaching area in my mom’s sewing room. I like to put my laptop on her ironing board—it’s the perfect height for me! I had fun hearing students’ opinions on lots of summer-y topics this week: swimming (the best, unless the water is too warm), camping (fun, tiring, there might be bears), watermelon (too sticky but perfect for summer), and of course, ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, and matcha are the best flavors).

I’m wondering if I should get the Starlight certification. Any thoughts?

on my radar

80 (!) rolls of glitter washi tape! I just posted on Instagram about how I love to use washi tape for a quick and easy reward for my students who love all things stationery. I let them choose the colors and rip off a small piece to add to their growing “collection”! It’s also a great reward to use from class to class with a regular student.

Did y’all see this amazing giant jellyfish?

I forgot how much fun Pictionary can be! We have an older version from the 90’s, but I’d love to see what the clues are like in the newer one (with whiteboards!)

Sometimes I go down rabbit holes on Etsy looking at different art styles and processes, and this week it was pressed flowers! I love this pink and mink flower and resin ring from Ann and Joy. I mostly focus on teaching supplies/stuff for kiddos in my handmade roundup posts, but I’m wondering if you’d be interested in seeing a favorite jewelry/clothes/homewares type post?

I’m pretty excited about all the new emojis, especially that cute lil otter.

We Need Diverse Books celebrated its fifth anniversary this week. I really recommend Flying Lessons & Other Stories and Fresh Ink, and I’m excited to read The Hero Next Door.

Happy weekend,

Em 💕

Weekly Wrap / July 12

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Happy Friday! It’s been a slow week over here, but those are just the best sometimes, right? I had a few blog posts planned that I never got around to, I’ve been teaching a lot, I’ve been doodling a lot, and I’m getting ready to travel for the next few weeks, so I ultimately tried to prioritize rest. I’ll be putting my shop into vacation mode while I’m gone, but digital downloads will still be available, and I hope to list digital versions of more of my products while I’m away.

You might have seen on Insta stories that I recently purchased a finetip stylus pen for drawing and writing on my touchscreen laptop. This was the highlight of my week! I can’t afford an iPad right now, but I really want to practice digital art, so I figured a pen was a more affordable compromise. It actually works sooo much better than I had imagined, even on my really old cracked tablet! I’m looking forward to making all kinds of new things for my shop.

Speaking of …

… in my shop this week, I released a new set of number cards! I shared on Insta that these were maybe the most “me” project I’ve done so far. I was a little worried that the color combo or the concept wouldn’t come across as well, but the response has been great so far! I want my shop to reflect the things I’m actually making and using with my students, and sometimes that means there’s no unified theme or color palette. I’m learning to be good with that!

on my blog

Handmade Sunday Vol. 3

on my radar

Etsy’s new shipping policies. An interesting twist right as I’m starting my shop! Basically, Etsy is going to start giving priority in search results to sellers that offer free shipping. This means that sellers will be forced to build the costs of shipping into the prices of their items. So, for example, if I’m selling a 2D prop for $3 plus shipping and handling, Etsy now wants me to include shipping in the cost of the item, and offer free shipping to customers instead. The problem is that shipping costs vary, for lots of different reasons! I buy lots of things on Etsy too, and I don’t want to pay for shipping several times over when I’m purchasing items from the same shop. And as a maker, if you buy three or four 2D props, I want to ship those things together in the same envelope and only charge you exactly what the shipping actually costs for the shipping and dimensions of those items.

The other issue with this new policy is that sellers who offer digital downloads will be pushed down in the search results. Obviously I can’t offer free shipping on digital downloads, but Etsy will prioritize listings that offer free shipping. I’m not sure how this will all work out, but I would love to know how you feel about this policy!

Ok, fun stuff now:

The prettiest summer cake.

The cutest kids suitcases from Meri Meri - rainbows and mini mermaids and astronauts.

Whimsical dinosaur temporary tattoos.

One of my very favorite author-illustrators, Julie Flett, has a new book available for preorder. If you’re looking for sweet, thoughtful, powerful reading, I highly recommend her work. Check out My Heart Fills with Happiness, When We Were Alone, Black Bear Red Fox, and We All Count.

I’m collecting embroidery inspiration here and I reaaally want to learn.

I’m thinking of switching to bar shampoo. Any recommendations?

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

Em 💕

Weekly Wrap / July 5

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Morning friends,

It’s been a quiet week for me compared to the last few! I actually took today off from teaching and taught a little extra Monday through Thursday (I still can’t believe that’s an option with this job!) I took a bit of a break from social this week too, and focused on creating new things for my shop. Fruit flash cards are coming soon, as well as lots of new rewards systems!

in my shop

New in my shop this week: pineapple stars and a cats in hearts reward! I designed the cats with a regular student in mind who loves to tell me all about her cat. 😊

on my blog

June Highlights and Favorites

Handmade Sunday Vol. 2

5 Things I Didn’t Anticipate When I Started Teaching English Online

on my radar

We have started playing Baba Is You and it is just the sweetest puzzle game.

I recently watched Memory Games on Netflix, and Yanjaa is so inspiring! I would love to watch a show about or by her. I am so excited she is writing a book!

I just discovered mega paperclips and they are seriously cool. I’m thinking of moving towards a clips/bundles organization system of some kind for my 2D props, so I’m on the lookout for cute options.

Have you seen all the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia kids stuff? I think the breakfast tray is so cute.

Ditto these adorable wooden popsicles.

Talk to me about selfie ring lights. I’ve heard such great things! Do you have one? Do you recommend? How are they for traveling?

for patreon subscribers

I created another summery prop/reward system for my Patreon subscribers this week: popsicle numbers! I publish weekly printables on Patreon that you can access for just $2/month (that’s 4-5 resources a month for the price of just one of the items for sale in my shops!)

Happy teaching,

Em 💕

Weekly Wrap / June 27

This post contains affiliate links.

It’s been a busy week in my little corner of the Internet! I usually do Friday roundups on Instagram stories (join me there!) but I thought I’d start doing them here too, especially to share some favorite links from the week.

in my shop

This week I focused on adding new rewards systems for online teaching: school supplies and pool floaties themes! The floaties are my favorites :) I also opened a Teachers Pay Teachers account - a brand new platform for me! I am really enjoying it so far. I can definitely tell it was designed with teachers in mind. I designed 60 free mini would-you-rather game cards (pictured above) and made them available for free on TpT!

on my blog

This week, I published a big ol’ roundup of my favorite whiteboard markers, since I’m in the market for some new ones! Check it out here, and let me know your favorites - I’m partial to those Erin Condren ones! Last week, I published a one week update of my Etsy shop, how I style and edit photos for Instagram, and Handmade Sunday Vol. 1. Also new on my site: a growing collection of my favorite art supplies.

on my radar

Have you seen the new Sesame Street postage stamps?

Oohing and aahing over this intricate leaf crochet art.

I’m currently coveting this beautiful candle.

The Sibert winners were announced this week! Check out all the wonderful nonfiction picture books that received awards.

This sticker book made me feel nostalgic. Anyone else have Mrs. Grossman’s stickers as a kid?

I wish I had known about this hypoallergenic play dough when I was running sensory playtimes! It comes in such pretty naturally dyed colors too!

I’ve been pinning my favorite animal crafts and art projects this week: how adorable are these Perler bead cats?

Speaking of Pinterest, I have several boards devoted to all things VIPKid: Dino, classroom inspiration, Mike and Meg, rewards systems, grammar concepts, etc. Check them all out here.

for Patreon subscribers

New this week exclusively for my Patreon supporters: printable ABC songs! I created a fun visual way to teach (and remember for myself haha) the Chinese and American versions of the ABC song. If you’re new to my blog, I publish weekly printables on Patreon that you can access for just $2/month (that’s 4-5 resources a month for the price of just one of the items for sale in my shops!)

That’s all for now, friends. Happy teaching and have a lovely weekend!

Em 💕