Weekly Wrap / August 30

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Hi friends,

How did September get here so fast? I love fall but it really did sneak up on me this year!

Highlights of my week so far:

I got back into my bujo. It felt so calming to just sit down and draw for a while on a weeknight! For the theme, I was inspired by my paint box prop.

I wrote a post all about my current favorite organization supplies.

I released lots of new products in my shop, like this Mid-Autumn Festival Bundle that includes vocab cards, a find a star game, and mooncakes rewards.

I taught my first Level 7 classes! Verdict: awesome. They were right up my alley. I really enjoy talking with older kids.


I signed up for the Poem-a-Day newsletter from the Academy of American Poets, and it’s been a really delightful morning read.

I’ve been pinning back-to-school and fall art projects and inspiration like crazy.

I used my tokens to finally snag some new whiteboard markers! Back in June I wrote a big roundup post of all my favorites. I eventually settled on this two-colors-in-one set and this dual tip 12 color set. I also stumbled upon these cuuute red and blue lined whiteboards and these giant magnetic tangrams when I was browsing school supplies!

We have an abundance of late summer farm share tomatoes! I’m currently eyeing this bloody Mary bruschetta and these burrata and tomato zoodles.

I already caved and bought a pumpkin spice latte candle.

I am so excited to see what Noelle Stevenson is working on! Reading Nimona changed my life.

Have you seen Pen15? I absolutely loved it. ❤️ Definitely a where-have-you-been-all-my-life kinda show.

I’ve been really into the Call Your Girlfriend podcast lately.

How adorable is this play toaster set with honey and butter?!

Happy long weekend!

Em 💕