Whiteboard Markers: The Ultimate Roundup!

The Ultimate Whiteboard Marker Roundup - English Teacher Em

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I’m in the market for some new whiteboard markers! If you’ve been following my #whiteboardlettering posts you’ll know I rely on my Expo Vis-a-Vis fine tip wet erase set, but it’s about time for some new colors and widths, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites! Which ones would you choose? Let me know on Instagram!

AMAZON BASICS 12 PACK - I love the variety of colors and the affordable price.

INAMIO DUAL TIP 12 PACK - I think I will probably end up purchasing some kind of dual tip, and this set has great colors! I prefer whiteboard markers that are the size and shape of regular pens and markers - they just feel better in my hand when I’m writing.

BIC INTENSITY FINE TIP 12 PACK - These look really durable and high quality. I also love how you can see the ink supply!

ERIN CONDREN FINE TIP WET ERASE 4 PACK - Who knew Erin Condren made whiteboard markers?! I am drooling over these hard-to-find colors (and the super fine tips). They come in three sets, Gem Tones, Earth Tones, and Essentials, and are of course color coordinated with lots of other Erin Condren products.

Crayola makes dry erase markers in all their familiar colors. I especially love the fine tip sets!

SKKSTATIONERY MINI DRY ERASE 36 PACK - I mean, these are just adorable. Mini anything, I’m sold!

I also love the colors available in the UBRANDS MINI MAGNETIC SET and THE BOARD DUDES MINI 6 PACK.

QUARTET CHISEL TIP BOLD COLORS 12 PACK - I love the colors, especially the blue shades, and the chisel tip would be great for lettering.

Shuttle Art makes a pretty CHISEL TIP 15 PACK with multiple shades of pink, orange, green, and blue!

BOAO 24 PIECE MAGNETIC SET WITH ERASERS - This would probably be too much for just me, but I love the light colors!

I am intrigued by the STAEDTLER LUMOCOLOR SET OF 8. You guys have probably seen in my Instagram posts that Staedtler makes my very favorite pens of all time, so I would love to try these! The description says they can be used on almost all surfaces, including overhead projections, so I hope they would show up well on my whiteboards!

U BRANDS DOUBLE ENDED 6 PACK WITH ERASERS I’m really digging the idea of two colors in one! And these are magnetic and have erasers on the caps, such a plus. Expo also makes a good CHISEL TIP TWO-IN-ONE SET.

Finally, my favorite Expo products at the moment: I’m leaning towards purchasing the NEON 5 PACK since I haven’t seen anything quite like it! I really like the sound of the LOW ODOR ULTRA FINE 8 PACK, and my favorite color combo pack that they offer at the moment is the VIBRANT COLORS 16 PACK.